Introduction of

1. About - the preferred platform for studying in China,making study abroad easier

With the continuous improvement of overall national strength, International influence, vigorous development of China's economy and cultural radiation are increasing, more and more international students choose to study in China. However, due to the limited local language barriers caused by cross-border exchanges, the information on obtaining study abroad is not smooth, and the application process is not clear. As a result, students spend a lot of time, energy and money in applying for study in China, but it is still difficult to obtain universities admissions. The establishment of just solves the series of problems of difficulty in communication, application, enrollment, getting to universities, and life in China! is a sub-site under ATCHINA. It was established in 2006 as the world's first and most influential network service platform for studying in China. It has been committed to providing fast, high-quality and secure one-stop online application service for foreign students to study abroad.


In the past 12 years, has provided one-on-one expert consulting services based on the characteristics of the traditional service industry, using mobile Internet big data, publishing authoritative university rankings, fully exploiting student application requirements, analyzing student application qualifications, professionally evaluating university characteristics, and provide students Tailor-made study plan, precision service and efficient service. So far, we have helped more than 100,000 international students from more than 120 countries and regions to apply for study abroad in China. After years of development, with the support of regional governments and relevant national education departments, we have established close cooperative relations with more than 200 well-known universities in China and have become China's leading institution for studying in China. firmly believes that to truly do a good job in studying in China, it is necessary not only to get the recognition of students, the cooperation of universities, the support of the government, the encouragement of the state, but also the need to actively share the experience of International student enrollment experience. In order to provide better enrollment cooperation, actively participates in university cooperation and exchanges, and has visited as well as been visited more than 100 times. In the past 12 years, we have recruited outstanding students for quality universities and have been widely recognized by the universities and the Ministry of Education.


In addition, we also provide follow-up services such as student application qualification online assessment, college dormitory reservation, visa application guidance, airport tour arrangement, graduation internship and employment guidance, and second study application, which truly make full use of big data accumulation experience and provide one-stop service for international students in China to help students solve difficulties and problems from application to graduation

2. Service features of

Based on Internet technology, combined with big data thinking, provide online application service with online expert guidance.

Fast---quick application, fast admission, fast service. combines mature technology with 12 years of industry experience to provide accurate course and instructional information, easy-to-use application process, visual application progress, to help students submit applications conveniently, obtain online qualification assessment quickly,keep tracking admission progress timely and be responded promptly to the needs instantly.

High-quality---selected courses, accredited universities, enriched rights. promises that all course and information on the platform is elaborately selected based on big data, which can effectively meet the application needs and solve the troubles and problems in coming to China. The colleges and universities on the platform are professionally evaluated by, and authorize us officially, help students apply for universities that we can apply indeed so as to shorten application period, save energy and money. In addition, members can enjoy rich membership benefits, include but not only limited to large amount of scholarship application, small amount tuition discount, free pick-up or dormitory booking, online Chinese course study, etc.

Secure---professional consulting service guarantee. provides professional qualification online assessment,so as to make one to one customized study plan based on student’s eligibility,which can enhance the admission rate. The consultants on platform have an average service experiences of 4 years, fully understand the background of studying in China, familiar with the education system of different countries and districts, they have the ability to provide professional and accurate consulting services to reduce the risk of studying in China.

3. Why choose us

● Company Reputation: The world's first and most influential online service platform for studying in China.It has been committed to providing one-stop online application service for fast, high-quality and secure study abroad for foreign students in China for over 12 years, well-known in the industry.

● Service Guarantee: admission guarantee. Experience experts provide professional application guidance to decrease admission difficulty and reduce risk of rejection; VIP admission channel, students enjoy green admission channels which rapidly improves admission efficiency and shortens the admission lead time.

● Enriched VIP rights: possesses rich resources from government and universities with deep cooperation relationships, students have more chances to get the favor of famous universities and scholarships more easily; service center offering help in coming to China, students can enjoy free dormitory pick-up booking service and online Chinese language training in priority, which can help eliminate the "unfamiliar feeling" in China, comfort studying abroad.

Fee Description

1. Consulting Service Fee

The consulting service fee is required for our admissions tutor to help you apply for the right Chinese university and get admission successfully. Each 

year our admissions tutors are very busy with around 20 thousand applications that submitted on our platform, to guarantee our service quality and improve our  work efficiency, we need to find out the students with serious intention of studying in China, then provide them the best services. In general, our consulting service charge is USD80, for special universities, subjects and cases, higher service fee might be required. Please confirm with our admissions tutor before payment.


2. Service contents

Ÿ    Information consulting concerning study in China

Ÿ    Recommend the right course and university on the basis of your personal performance

Ÿ    Guide you with documents preparation and forward your application to the university

Ÿ    Track your admission process and help you get admission

Ÿ    Provide instruction on applying for the visa

Ÿ    Help you arrive at the university (airport pick up help and accommodation booking, etc.)

Ÿ    Provide information guide and further necessary help during your stay in China


3. Other fees that you may need to pay, which varies to different universities


University application fees

The amount of the application fees vary to different universities from USD50 to USD140. Students are required to provide the payment receipt after make the  payment, which is regarded as one of your application document. Since the university deals with lots of applications each year, students with serious intention and paid application fees will be considered firstly.

ŸReturnable deposit

In order to secure your seat, especially if you get scholarships, a USD300 might be charged as deposit. It is refundable after you arrived at the university and 

completed the registration process.

ŸInternational Postage

If you need international DHL postal services for delivering admission documents, approximately 50USD will be charged (the certain amount depends on the mailing address), which ensures that admission documents reach you fast and safe.

Special service charge

For some special universities/courses/scholarships applications, like MBBS, etc., which are difficult or complex to apply, the extra service charge might be 

required, for details, our admissions tutors will let you know according to your case.


You will be informed in advance if any of the above mentioned fees are required. If you think you were not treated fairly, please report your case to us 

(, we will take it seriously.


4. Terms of Refund

The consulting service fee and university application fee will be fully refunded if you are rejected by all universities that advised by our admissions tutor. For other 

reasons, the fees are not refundable.

* Please make sure all the documents and information you provided are real and effective

* All your application procedures shall follow laws of China and AT0086’s application regulations.


5. About Scholarship Application

Generally speaking, scholarships are not 100% guaranteed as the results are affected by many aspects. However, if you are excellent, we will try our best to help 

you get some tuition waiver after you get admission.

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